Cru Church – Jesus Film Project

The Mission

Cru Church was looking to publish a premium version of the existing gospel preaching app for their DBD (Day By Day Christian Ministries) members as an appreciation and tool for preaching the ministry. Most of their DBD members spent months a year in the hard to reach places to preach the gospel, so the Cru Church hoping to have a thoughtful design to reflect what the gospel transformed the situation for the local people. 

The Outcome:

The design is the upgraded version of the original app, by changing the element, font, and layout to create a fresh & exceptional look but not lose the original intention.

Services we provide:

  • Branding Strategy
  • User Experience Design
  • User Interface Design

PHASE ONE: Strategy & Approach

The Goal

The Jesus Film Project is the name of the Cru Church’s gospel preaching app. The concept of this app is already brilliant and they wanted to push it to the next level. 

Cru Church is one of the largest Christian organizations in the states and has many saints around the globe. Cru Church told us that they would like to improve the current app and make it customizable (has contributors name on it) for their top 50 contributors/DBD as the appreciation gift. 

The top 50 DBD devoted their life to preach the gospel mostly in the hard to reach villages and spent months in a year. 

We create opportunities for people to engage with the life-changing story of Jesus, no matter where they are in the world – Cru Church

Based on the Cru Church’s expectation, our strategy for this project is to give the app a quality new look with some wild elements to fit DBD’s preaching environment and their target audience. 

PHASE TWO: Style Direction

The design uses the concept of “Earthy”. Earthy represents nature, simple, unpolluted, and love. 

Clarity is key. The more we can communicate our mission to the outside world, the more people will understand and join our cause. – Cru Church

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