Zensports – Peer-to-Peer Mobile Sports Betting

The Mission:

Zensports is a fast-growing decentralized person-to-person sports betting platform in the US. They wanted to rebrand their product to attract a younger group of users to join the platform and show the authority in the field. 

The Outcome:

The new branding uses high contrast and bright color with elements such as dots, sharp lines to empower the image of sport & game. Applied to the mobile app, website, and logo. 


  • User Interface Design
  • User Experience Design
  • Website Design
  • Logo Redesign


A higher social media engagement rate after the new branding is live. They attract more investors and successfully raised $770K funding & launched their own crypto trading exchange in Feb 2020.

PHASE ONE: The Company, The Product

Zensports is a new type of sports betting app in the market, the most famous and popular tech they use is decentralized. Without third-party manipulation, the user can enjoy the most accurate real-time person-to-person sports betting game. 

Although the function of Zensports is betting, the main purpose is to connect people, enjoy the excitement of a game, have fun together. 

PHASE ONE: Strategy & Approach

The biggest problem for the app is that they need to explain so many things for the new/old users, such as rules, regulations, exchange rates, etc. Those contents take a large portion of the space and create a clumsy feeling for the user. 

The first impression of the app is very similar to open a textbook- somehow very important, but not interested.

Our goal is to beautify the overall visual experience and make the user feel emotionally attached to the brand and the app.  

PHASE TWO: Style Guide

The style guide is the collection of elements from the design I did. The design uses bright and high contrast colors to set the tone of sporty feeling. To avoid the style overly cuteness, I properly positioned the realistic images/team logos on each screen to keep the balance. 

Our product should look cool and sporty, not too young like teenagers would love but young enough for the 20s to not ignore. -Mark Thomas, CEO

During the style exploration process, we dug deep into several possibilities like cartoon characters, dark mode, techy styles, trendy color themes, etc.

PHASE THREE: UX & Visual Design

The design process is relatively simple, I cut out all the original design, lining up each screen, and use the bird view to examine and learn how the user would act when using the app and further make improvement. 

Pretty cool product right?
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